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Therapy for teens

Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Modern therapy for teens to feel more grounded and balanced

Young adults and teen counseling in San Juan, PR and San Jose, CA

You knew having a teenager would be hard, but not this hard.  

You're trying to stay connected to your teen and support them as best you can, but they're irritable, argumentative, and pulling back more than they ever have. 

You can see the stress, anxiety, and academic pressure is affecting them, and you want to be there for them, but you're not sure how.


You want to help and support your teen, but it seems like no matter what you say, they disagree or don't respond at all.  You know that they need to talk to someone, and it's hard to admit that maybe it's better for them to talk to someone else. 

You’re tired of seeing your teen:

  • Struggling and having difficulty managing their emotions and not having the coping skills to deal with their situation.   

  • Anxious and stressed about school, their social life, or life transitions that have happened.  

  • Isolating and lacking connection and communication between you and the family.

We'll help your teen tap into their strengths and build resilience

You want your teen to find some peace and feel more grounded with all the changes they're experiencing.  You want them to develop the tools to navigate peer pressure and improve their self-esteem and self confidence. 

Being a teenager today is hard (even harder than when we were growing up!).  But many of the challenges that teens face are a normal part of growing up. 


Therapy for teens in San Juan, PR can help your child develop their sense of self, feel more grounded, and lean into their strengths and resilience.    

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Things we can help your teen and young adults with:  

  • Excessive Worry and Anxiety

  • Coping with recent move or changing schools

  • Stress related to academic pressure

  • Navigate healthier relationship with social media and screen time

  • Social Anxiety and fear of fitting in

  • Perfectionism and Fear of Failure

  • Concern regarding preparing or transitioning to college

  • ADHD

  • Problems Concentrating

  • Isolation and Social Withdrawal

  • Problems at School

Therapy for teens and young adults will:

Make space for all your teen's up and downs (and everything in between.) 

Helps teens process their thoughts and feelings so they can better manage their big emotions.​

Teach teens to practice self compassion and acceptance regarding what they can and can't control

Learn mindfulness techniques to them feel more grounded and balanced

Provide support as they navigate relationships with friends,. 

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”


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Give your teen the space to show up as their true self

We'll walk along side your teen in this journey to help them discover your sense of self so they can show up more fully in their life.   


We'll help them develop their resilience and strengths while fostering self compassion.   Together we'll start to help your teen connect to their values and integrate them into our work, so they can guide your teen to a life that is meaningful so they can thrive. 


Therapy for teens with will help them connect to what's most important to them so they can feel more centered and whole.   


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Help your teen start to thrive

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How to motivate your teen with ADHD

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