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How do I know that you'll be the right therapist or coach for me?

Let's talk about it!  Schedule a complementary 15 minute consultation to learn more about me and my practice.  Connecting with the right coach or therapist is one of the most important elements for growth.

How long is each therapy or coaching session?

Therapy and coaching sessions are 50 minutes long.  The possibility of 30 min. coaching sessions for a reduced rate can be discussed.  

What are you rates for therapy and coaching?

My rate for a 50 minute therapy or coaching session is $150. For therapy services, I am an out of network provider and I can provide you documentation at the end of the month to submit to your insurance provider.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes, I offer sliding scale to a limited number of clients to support individuals interested in working with me. Mental and emotional well-being and personal growth are vital for everyone.  

How long will I be in therapy or coaching?  

Each individual's needs for therapy or coaching are different.  Some clients have specific goals and may need only a few sessions, while others prefer longer term counseling for more extended support.    

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Have more questions?

Contact me to find out more about my practice and how we can work together.