Life Transitions Counseling

Change is a constant in life.

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Are you trying to find yourself amidst a big change?

Change is a natural part of life.  Nevertheless, it can be stressful and difficult to manage.  Life transitions can sometimes make us feel like we're a stranger in our own lives or like we're drifting out at sea.  Our daily routines can be uprooted and we're trying make sense of our new reality. 


Whether it be a job change, the loss of a loved one, health concerns, birth, or moving to a new community, these changes can affect our emotional well-being. 


We'll navigate these changes together

Many of us benefit from additional support to navigate these life transitions. I support by clients by helping them adjust to their new circumstances and develop additional coping strategies.  We'll recalibrate your inner compass by tapping into your strengths and values.  

I use Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help my clients regain their footing and move towards the life they want.  

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Interested in learning more about life transitions counseling? Get in touch with me today to set up an initial consultation.