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Chronic Illness Counseling

Move towards acceptance and hope

Counseling for Chronic Illness in the Bay Area, California and Puerto Rico.

You feel like no one sees the physical and emotional struggle related to your chronic illness.

You're trying to stay strong for your friends and family, but it's getting to be too much.  You worry about being a burden when you have to ask for help more than you'd like.

Countless medical appointments, new medications, attempting to maintain some sort of normalcy while feeling frustrated, isolated and perhaps grieving the life you once knew.

You feel defeated when you can't attend social activities after you've said you'd go, but you're too exhausted. 

You’re tired of feeling:

  • Angry and robbed of the future you had envisioned for yourself. 

  • Like you’re being a burden when you have to ask for help more than you'd like.

  • Lost and that you don’t recognize your life since your chronic illness seems to have taken over so much of your life.

You can let it all out and not feel like a burden

You want to find some acceptance and peace with your body and health so you can live a values-driven life. 


Chronic illness may be part of your life, but it's not all of it.  You want to reconnect your authentic self to feel more grounded and hopeful.  

Chronic illness therapy will help you: 

Make space for your mental wellness

Process your thoughts and feelings related to your condition

Help you clarify your core values so you can live a values-driven life

Foster self compassion and acceptance related to your illness

Learn mindfulness techniques to feel more grounded and balanced

Navigate relationships with friends, family,  and colleagues. 

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I understand where you're coming from

My own lifelong medical challenges and my professional experiences have allowed me to connect with my clients and support them with their emotional and mental well-being.  By having a deep understanding of the fears, stress, and worries that stem from health conditions, I support my clients by harnessing their strengths and values to cope with their chronic illness.  

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Your mental well-being deserves a space too

I'll walk along side you in this journey to help you rediscover your sense of self so you can show up more fully in your life.   


We'll uncover your resilience and strengths while fostering self compassion.   Together we'll clarify your core values and integrate them into our work, so they can guide us to a life that is meaningful to you. 


Coping with chronic illness can be overwhelming, but we'll work together to help you reconnect to what's most important to you so you can feel more centered and whole.   


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You''re not alone

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