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Therapy for Burnout & Stress Management

Providing you relief and hope

Stress management and burnout therapy in San Jose, California and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

From the moment you wake up, you feel a sense of overwhelm about the day ahead of you.

Every time you check your Slack messages and your to-do list, you feel overwhelmed and stressed and that it's never ending.

You feel like there's never enough hours in the day even though to get everything down, so you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted all the time.

You keep trying to "just push harder" but it's not working and it leaves you feeling drained.  You use to love what you do and felt connected to your work, but not right now. 

You’re tired of feeling:

  • A sense of dread when you think about work

  • Like your days are so jammed packed and you don't prioritize your basic needs during the day.

  • Exhausted and that every day ends with a vent session with your partner 

  • Like there's not enough coffee to get you through your day and you're not sure how to keep going.

If you're looking for therapy for burnout in California you're in the right place.  

You're looking to reconnect to your authentic self and relieve stress.

Work is a big part of our lives, but reconnecting to what's most important to you is what you've been craving. 


You're ready to reevaluate your priorities, make space for your personal life, and reconnect with your core values and inner strength to feel more balanced, open-hearted, and alive. 


​However you've arrived here, I'm so glad you're here and taking time to see if therapy for work stress and burnout is right for you.


How burnout and chronic stress affects mental health

Burnout can affect our mental health by causing feelings of:

  • anxiety

  • hopelessness

  • depression

  • resentment

  • lack of energy / exhaustion

  • lack of motivation

  • feeling a lack of control

  • relationship challenges

  • physical symptoms

  • difficulty maintaining healthy sleep habits

  • emotional numbness

  • self doubt and negative thought patterns


Learn practical coping skills to manage your stress

In our work we’ll develop an action plan to practice the skills in your day-to day life. You'll gain tools that will help you feel more present, reduce stress, and feel more confident to move towards a values-driven life.   


Clarify your core values to reconnect with what's most important to you

We’ll help you increase self awareness and explore new perspectives. You're ready to do a different type of work so you can show up as your authentic self and reconnect to what's most important to you. 


Communicate your needs in your personal and professional life 

Learn mindfulness techniques to help you feel more grounded and balanced

Find balance and make space for what's most important to you

We'll work together to find a better pace for you to improve quality of life so you can be more intentional with your time and actions.   

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Therapy for burnout can help you find relief and more peace.


During these difficult times many of us have felt symptoms of burnout or are experiencing burnout.  We work with:

✓  nurses

✓  health care professionals

✓  physicians

✓  parents

✓  caregivers

✓  teachers

✓  professionals

✓  students

Our therapists have experience working in the healthcare settings, navigating being a military spouse, parenting responsibilities , and managing life's demands, so we understand the high stress placed upon us today and risk for burnout syndrome.  As mental health professionals we offer support to prevent burnout in the Bay Area, California, and Puerto Rico to create positive changes and help you start reducing stress. 


Remember you are human, we all need support and time to recharge so we can find healing and recovery from burnout.   

Let's make space and find some breathing room

Together we'll help you align your life and actions with your core values and we'll create a space just for you to process what you've been experiencing with work stress and burnout.


We'll focus on your emotional health and well-being so you can start to find relief.

We'll integrate what we've discussed in our sessions into your day-to day life so you can create momentum to feel more grounded and calm.  Treatment for burnout can help you process your experience so you can reconnect to what really matters to you and develop stress management techniques. 


In our private practice, our pre-licensed and licensed clinicians provide a compassionate and safe environment where you can finally just focus on you and your needs.  Reach out to start thearpy for burnout in California or Puerto Rico today.  

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Together we can help you feel more balanced and whole

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Learn how to respond rather than react

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