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EMDR andTrauma Therapy

Finally feel a sense of safety and peace 

Trauma and EMDR therapy in San Juan, Puerto Rico 

You feel like you're past keeps getting in your way. You want to move forward, but you feel stuck

You've been carrying this heavy load for a while, but there are things that have happened to you that are so difficult to talk about.  You know that your trauma is affecting your well-being, your relationships, and sense of self.  You try to push those thoughts out of your mind but you can't.  Plus the panic attacks, lack of trust, and feelings of shame and's getting to be too much.  You know should process your traumatic experience, but it's so hard.  Even just thinking about it causes pain and anxiety.  And talking about it with a stranger?  It seems impossible.  

But you know you can't continue like this.  You want to find relief and finally be able to live your life.  

You’re tired of feeling:

  • Like you can never trust anyone and your relationships suffer

  • Stuck and not sure how to move towards the life you really want

  • Like your unresolved trauma seems to taint your life 

  • Always guarded and keeping everyone at an arm's length away 

If you're looking for a trauma therapist in San Juan, PR you're in the right place.  


Let's tune into your inner resources to help you heal and find a sense of peace

You're ready to move forward and begin healing from your trauma and processing your experience. 


Together we'll work on how to navigate and cope with what you're going through.  You'll gain tools and strategies that will help you feel more present and confident to move towards a values-driven life. 

You're hopeful that by doing the work you can show up as your authentic self and reconnect to who you truly are.  

However you've arrived here, we're so glad you're here seeking counseling and taking time to see if trauma therapy is right for you.



Heal your trauma by processing your experience 

You'll be learning techniques to help you feel more grounded and whole to cope with your triggers.

Learn coping and grounding skills to support you in your daily life

Together we'll develop a plan to gain understanding about your emotions and practice the skills in your day-to day life to cope with your trauma

Feel more present and intentional with your actions

Learn to lean into your strengths and core values to move you towards a more values-driven life

Communicate your needs in your relationships

We'll help you regain your sense of self so you can show up more fully in your life and in your relationships.  

Image by Brooke Cagle

Start to heal youself from the inside out

Trauma changes how we walk through the world.  What once seemed safe, now causes you to be more guarded.  Together we'll help you tap into your inner resources and find some relief and healing.  


We know talking about your past and trauma at times can be scary and overwhelming. We're here to walk beside you and take it as slowly as you need. We'll work together to help you reconnect to what's most important to you so you can feel more in open-hearted, balanced, and whole.   

We provide trauma treatment in Puerto Rico for those who are looking to heal and reconnect with their authentic self.


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Healing can start today.

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