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therapy for moms

Perinatal &Postpartum Therapy

Be the mom you want to be.

Pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum therapy for new moms in San Jose, CA and San Juan, PR.

You didn't expect that motherhood would be like this.  

You've been tracking your baby's size diligently week after week...from a blueberry to an eggplant to finally your little one.  You've read all the books, prepared the nursery, and watched your body change...all to get ready for this new chapter.  

Except things are a lot different than you expected.  You're tired of everyone saying that this feeling is normal or that it's just hormones.  


It's overwhelming, draining, and you know something isn't right.  

Maybe you're feeling:

  • An emotional heaviness that won't go away.  It's more than just the "baby blues".

  • Overwhelmed with all the changes in your daily routine, your relationship, and life in general

  • Traumatized by your pregnancy, birth, or NICU experience. 

  • Guilty and shameful about what you're going through; this is suppose to be "happy" time for your family.



You're not alone. We're moms too, we know where you're coming from.

You're looking to find relief and healing while learning techniques to help you feel more grounded and present in this new stage of life. 


You're looking for a safe and judgement-free space where you can let it all out, and not have to pretend that everything is ok.   You want to show up as your authentic self so you can be the mom you want to be,


However you've arrived here, we're so glad you're here and taking time to see if therapy for new moms and postpartum counseling in San Jose, CA  and San Juan, PR is right for your mental wellness.

Things we can help with in your motherhood or postpartum journey

We provide therapy for new moms related to: 

  • Constant worry or Postpartum Anxiety

  • Overwhelm or Anger

  • Sadness or Postpartum Depression

  • Processing birth or NICU trauma

  • Couples therapy for you and your partner

  • Navigating self doubt or like you're doing everything wrong

  • Coping with the transition to becoming a parent

  • Infertility

  • Support to develop self care strategies

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Ambivalence related to becoming a parent

  • Acceptance related to changes in your body

postpartum therapy puerto rico



Help you process your motherhood experience and give you a safe space to talk

We’ll start to identify what you’re experiencing so you can to start to feel more grounded and connected to your baby and partner.  

Learn coping skills to manage this new chapter 

You’ll be learning tools to address your postpartum depression or anxiety so you can be more present with your baby, while also taking care of yourself.

Develop realistic strategies to integrate self care and nurture yourself

Our sessions will give you some take-aways that you can practice outside of our session so you can find relief and 

Learn mindfulness techniques to process your feelings and thoughts

We’ll help you increase your self awareness to foster your own resilience and strength 

therapy for new moms

Feel seen and heard at each stage of your motherhood journey

The journey to motherhood can feel disorienting and lonely.  Maybe getting pregnant hasn't been like you thought it would or those long sleepless nights are overwhelming.  

Together in therapy you'll receive support to help you navigate this major life transition.  In session we'll help you make space for your thoughts and emotions. We'll also clarify your core values and integrate them into our work, so they can guide you towards a parenthood journey that is meaningful to you.     

We provide personalized care and professional therapy for new moms in San Juan, PR and San Jose, CA.

Mama, you're too important to not be taken care of.

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