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Kristin M. Papa (she/her)


I believe everyone has the capacity live a purposeful life that honors their authentic self.  


You can usually handle what life throws at you, and you're often the one people turn to when they're having trouble.  But right now you just can''re feeling stuck and overwhelmed.  You know that you need support because what you've always done isn't working anymore. 

Maybe you've tried therapy in the past, but you never felt completely comfortable and couldn't truly open up.  You want this time to be different.  

You're ready to get started

You're ready to clarify what's really going on and what matters most to you.  You're looking to make sustainable changes so you can find relief, feel grounded, and live more intentionally. 

Together we’ll examine long-standing patterns in your thoughts, behaviors and relationships to develop a committed action plan so you can start to feel more empowered and confident.  I'll walking along side you in your journey as you start to deepen self awareness and  align your actions with your values.  

My therapeutic style 

As your therapist, I offer you a space where you can you put down the emotional weight that you've been carrying.  In session I'll be compassionately direct with a hint of humor so you can start to make sustainable changes.  Therapy is a collaborative process so I'm not a smile-and-nod therapist, but I'll be real with you so we can build therapeutic rapport based on authenticity and openness.   I'll walk along side you in this journey so you can reconnect with your authentic self and start to align your life with your values.  

Together we'll work together so you can move towards your goals of progress, growth, and inner peace.  


This is a space where you can take care of your needs to feel better, more grounded, and connected to your life. 
Kristin Papa, San Jose therapist

  • I can't get enough of the ocean.  Watching a sunset at the beach, is one of my favorite things ever.

  • I am passionate about all things related to social work, psychology, advocacy, mindset work, and wellness.

  • Most mornings I start my day with a run (although I'm not very fast!)  Despite my medical conditions, I have been able to complete 8 half marathons and push myself further, both mentally and physically, than I ever thought possible. 

  • I'm a Bay Area native, but have lived and worked in several different cities and countries and love connecting with people from all walks of life. ​​​I am a biracial AAPI provider who also lives a bicoastal lifestyle between California and Puerto Rico.  


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CA #26830
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Puerto Rico #15716
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Virginia #0904014851
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Utah #13196996-3501
Telehealth Provider, Florida TPSW812.
Adjunct Faculty Member;  Tulane University School of Social Work, New Orleans, LA. 2021-2022 
Multilingual - Fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian.


Masters in Social Work.  Columbia University, New York, NY. 
Bachelors of Arts, University of California, Davis, International Relations & Italian 


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Emotion Efficacy Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Gottman Method for Couples (Level 2)
Internal Families Systems trained 
Mindfulness and Holistic perspective

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You deserve to feel better

Image by Minh Pham
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