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SEO for Therapists

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Have you been struggling to get more clients?  

You've been trying all the marketing tactics...Psychology Today, Instagram posts, and you even handed out your business cards around town.  And....crickets. 


You were ready and excited to finally get your private practice started, and it's not growing at the pace you'd like.  

You made a website and you've heard about SEO in so many Facebook posts, but it sounds too technical and complicated, but you have a hunch that it might be the missing piece in your marketing strategy.  


Let me help you learn about SEO for therapists without feeling like you're learning a new language.  


We've heard it so many times...we never learned this stuff in grad school, and it's true! 

SEO can feel overwhelming, super techy, and like it's too much to learn.  But I want to help you understand how SEO can transform your practice so your ideal clients can start to find you.  

We went into this profe
ssion to make a change in people's lives.  I love being a therapist, but I also love connecting therapists to the people they know they were meant to work with.  

Let me help you with SEO so you can reach those people

SEO for Therapists


✓SEO audit

✓SEO coaching

✓Copy editing

✓Niche clarifying

✓Keyword defining

✓SEO on-page optimization

✓Google Business Profile optimization

✓Title tags

✓Meta descriptions

✓Indexing pages

✓Content strategy planning

What we can do together related to SEO

1. Check out your current website

First I'll do deep-dive SEO audit to see what's working and what's not working on your website to identify the gaps and you know what you need to focus on. 


2.   Learn how to create & implement your own SEO strategy
We'll look at your current copy and you'll learn the fundamentals of SEO to optimize your own content to rank.  I'll explain how you can start to implement on your own or let me do it for you. 

3. Let's optimize

You can continue to learn how to optimize your pages and develop additional SEO strategies to help grow your business.  You can learn tactics to improve your results with blogging, Pintrest, and more.  

SEO with me is:

✓  Easy to understand and I'll speak in real words you can actually learn SEO

✓  Practical, realistic, and targeted at your goals

✓  A collaborative process to develop a strategy to help you connect with your ideal clients

SEO with me is not

✕  A bunch of techy-talk that your eyes gloss over and really don't understand a thing


✕ Just a SEO audit with techy mumbo-jumbo that means nothing to you

✕  "Optimizing" your pages and not explaining the reason behind it

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Why SEO for Therapists? 

At first I hired a SEO company to grow my business.  I didn't understand SEO myself, so I trusted that they would do the work so I could get found by my ideal client.  They sent me reports with graphs and numbers, but I didn't actually see any changes in the number of referrals I was receiving.  I spent A LOT of money, but since I didn't understand SEO myself, I couldn't really get if it was "working" or not.  

In the end I hired an SEO company, but they never gave me feedback on my copy or what changes I should have made first on my website.  They basically "optimized" a bad website, that probably never could have ranked on Google. 


After months of them "helping me" with SEO and making no traction, I decided to DIY it....and I found that I actually like a little bit of tech. SEO has been a very effective strategy to grow my business.  

So I want to do the same for you.  I want to explain what needs to be done in a way you understand and make the changes so you can actually see the changes in your private practice.  

SEO Services


Website Audit

First I'll look at your website and I'll send you 10 point SEO audit which will identify the gaps on your website.  Then we'll meet and I'll explain what you need to do to improve your SEO.  I'll let you know if anything needs to be changeds before we get started with SEO.

$200 - 30 min audit


Keyword Defining

Not sure what keywords are and what you actually want to rank for?  I'll create a spreadsheet with targeted keywords for your website so you can start to get found by your ideal client.  You can take our work and start to incorporate into your copy right away. 

$250 for 5 pages


SEO Coaching

Want to learn how to do SEO on your own so you can continue to optimize and improve your webisite?  I'll teach you the fundamentals of SEO so you can apply it on your own as you continue to create more content and your website changes over time.

$250 per hour


On-page SEO Optimzing

Let's get techy!  I'll optimize your pages for SEO which includes headings, title tags, meta descriptions, and indexing your pages on Google.  I can do just one or all of your pages.

$250 per page

$700 for 5 pages

How to get started



Schedule a 20 minute free discovery call to clarify what your goals are and see if we're a good fit to work together.



I'll audit your website and start to identify gaps to improve your SEO.  I'll give you a 10-point plan so you know exactly what you'll want
to focus on. 



Next we'll get to work optimizing your website pages for SEO so you can get in front of the clients you know you're meant to work with.

“Understanding SEO felt like an obstacle for my business. Kristin helped me see it as a tool to grow. For a total novice like me, Kristin made SEO feel understandable, and even straightforward. She helped me understand where to invest my time on my website, and even provided specific keywords to focus on in my copy.
With Kristin's help, I feel so much less overwhelmed and have a clear path forward. I'd highly recommend Kristin's SEO program for people in the early stages of launching a website or even those who have been in practice for a few years and want help to get to the next level. If you're ready to get clear on SEO and grow your business, Kristin knows how to help you get started."

Sarah Heacock, LPCC 

Anam Cara Counseling

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Investing in your business is investing in you. You deserve a practice you love.

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