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Online Therapy in Puerto Rico 

Convenient and flexible support when you need it most.

Online Therapy in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Counseling in San Juan and across Puerto Rico

I offer psychotherapy to residents of Puerto Rico who are looking for an English-speaking therapist who is familiar with living and working on the island,  I work with adults who need support for their mental well-being and who are coping with diverse challenges.  

I offer in person, Walk and Talk, online therapy in Puerto Rico to provide the support and services you need.


I am fully bilingual and can provide psychotherapy services also in Spanish.

However you've arrived here, I'm so glad you're here and taking time to see if therapy is right for you.  



Puerto Rico counseling services can help with

I offer mental health counseling for adults in San Juan and across Puerto Rico coping with:

Counseling in Puerto Rico

What to expect during therapy in Puerto Rico

Taking the step to start therapy can be hard, but together we'll create space to help you navigate these difficult moments.  

We'll work on identifying your thoughts and feelings so you can start to understand how they are impacting your mental well-being.  We will also develop an action plan during each session for you to practice the skills that we've discussed during our session in your everyday life.   You will also clarify your core values so you can better align your life with what's most important to you. 


Therapy in Puerto Rico, psicologo

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