Therapy for Stress Management and Burnout

Providing you support and hope when it's hard to keep going 

Therapy for stress and burnout for Residents of the Bay Area, California, and Puerto Rico

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What burnout might look like

You might be struggling at home, work, or in your relationships.  You've noticed that you're having a difficulty coping with stress from work and family demands.  You feel emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted no matter what you do. It's hard to see things getting better since you've been dealing with this stress for such long time.  You keep trying to "just push harder" but it's not working and it leaves you feeling drained and overwhelmed. You've always been so committed to your job or role as a parent, teacher, caregiver, or nurse;  burnout is causing you to question what you really want and need. 


Burnout with work, parenting or caregiver obligations may leave you feeling exhausted, unable to cope, and empty.  

However you've arrived here, I'm so glad you're here and taking time to see if treatment for burnout is right for you.

How burnout affects mental health

Burnout can affect our mental health by causing feelings of:

  • anxiety

  • hopelessness

  • resentment

  • lack of energy

  • lack of motivation

  • relationship challenges

  • physical symptoms

  • difficulty sleeping

  • emotional numbness


treatment for burnout, teacher burnout, work burnout, 94566, 95139, 94506
treatment for burnout, burntout mother, work burnout, nurse burnout 94566, 95139, 94506,

Treatment for burnout

If you think you're experiencing burnout it's important to reach out to a mental health professional to get support.  Creating time and space to address your concerns will allow you gain perspective and reevaluate what is most important to you.   Together we'll help you learn skills so you can show up as the person you want to be while also taking care of yourself.  Learning more about burnout treatment in the Bay Area, California, or Puerto Rico can help you make changes to regain your sense of self and calm. 

Who do I help

During these difficult times many of us have felt symptoms of burnout or are experiencing burnout.  I work with:

  • nurses

  • healthcare workers

  • physicians

  • parents

  • caregivers

  • teachers

  • professionals

  • students

Working in the healthcare field for over ten years myself, while being a parent, and managing life's demands, I understand the incredible stress placed upon us today and high risk for burnout.  I offer treatment for burnout to adults in the Bay Area, California, and Puerto Rico.  

nurse burnout, physician burnout, treament for burnout, healthcare worker burnout, 95139, 94566, 94506
treatment for burnout, burntout student, work burnout, 94566, 95139, 94506

How I can help you 

Together we'll develop a plan to help gain clarity on what is most important and help you regain your sense of self.  I'll help you align your life and actions with your core values and we'll create a space just for  you to process what you've been experiencing with burnout. 

 We'll integrate what we've discussed in our sessions into your day-to day life so you can create momentum to feel more grounded and calm.  I provide a compassionate and safe environment where you can finally just focus on you and your needs. 

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You''ve taken on so much already, together we can help you feel more balanced and whole.