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Trauma and PTSD Therapy

Identifying and Working through your Stuck Points

Trauma and PTSD can affect our quality of life and our day-to-day living.

  • Are you finding life difficult to cope with due to intrusive thoughts or feeling like you’re always on edge? 

  • Do you try to avoid unwanted memories  or places or people who might remind you of your previous trauma?

  • Are you feeling anxious, depressed or stuck because of  traumatic experiences? 

However you've arrived here, I'm so glad you're here and taking time to evaluate if PTSD therapy is right for you.

You're in the right place. 

Taking the step to address trauma can be scary and many people prefer to not to bring up those difficult  thoughts and emotions for fear that they might feel worse. 


Together we’ll clarify your core values and identify your stuck points to work through your trauma to reduce your symptoms of PTSD.

I utilize Cognitive Processing Therapy which is a specific type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help my clients identify their “stuck points” to improve their symptoms of PTSD.  CPT is an evidence-based therapy developed specifically for PTSD which is approximately 12 weekly sessions.

I offer online therapy for clients while conveying warmth, compassion, and respect. I welcome feedback from clients to best support them during our work together.


Together we will create a plan that empowers you to more fully embrace your values and strengths and help you decrease your symptoms of PTSD. 

Image by Erica Marsland Huynh

I want to learn more about Trauma Therapy.

Thank you for reaching out. I'll contact you soon!

Learn more about Kristin and her practice. 

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