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20 Simple Self-Care ideas

easy self-care ideas

Why is there so much buzz around self-care and what makes it so important?

Self-care is one of those topics that seems to be mentioned everywhere.

First, many of us live hectic and stressful lives. We work (both paid and unpaid work) assisting others, coordinating various tasks, and at times (literally) running from one commitment to the next. When our stress increases, our self-care practices are often pushed aside and are not prioritized like the other tasks on our to-do lists.

However, there is scientific evidence that when we take care of ourselves, we often can give more to others. You can not water a plant from an empty water pitcher. Therefore, we must make a conscious effort to dedicate time to taking care of ourselves so we can show up as the person we want to be.

easy self-care ideas

Self care does not need to be complicated, especially if we want to integrate this practice into our daily lives. It’s often more effective when it does not seem like another task we have to check off on our list. Self care can be something that is convenient, accessible, and also allows us to make space for ourselves during our hectic lives.

Here is a list of some of my favorite self care practices:

  1. Take a bath

  2. Go for a walk

  3. Call a friend

  4. Get a cup of coffee

  5. Read a book

  6. Write in a journal

  7. Go surf or for a swim

  8. Have a picnic with a friend or by yourself

  9. Go for a hike

  10. Buy yourself flowers

  11. Take a nap

  12. Go for a run

  13. Bake cookies

  14. Have a cup of tea

  15. Have a solo dance party

  16. Meditate

  17. Watch a movie

  18. Get a good night’s sleep

  19. Prepare a nice dinner and light candles

  20. Say no to others and yes to yourself.

Prioritizing self care sometimes takes practice. Scheduling self care into our agenda and committing to take care of ourselves allows us to be more emotionally and mentally available to support our loved ones. Let’s talk more about how I can support you in prioritizing you!

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