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Therapy in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area, and California

Therapy in Silicon Valley

Counseling in San Jose, Bay Area, and throughout California

You've been trying to seem like everything's fine, but it's getting to be too much and you've been struggling for a while.  You might be coping with anxiety, burnout,  or feeling stuck.  You've been trying to deal with things on your own, but you can't seem to feel better.  

Whether you're coping with a big life change, trying to make a decision,  or you feel that you're on auto pilot and just going through the motions, therapy can help you feel more grounded, empowered, and help you clarify what you really want.  

However you've arrived here, I'm so glad you're here and taking time to see if  psychotherapy is right for you.

Bay Area counseling services can help with

People decide to start therapy for a variety of reasons. Therapy can help navigate issues  related to: 

Therapy in Bay Area
Therapy in Bay Area

How I can help you with compassionate counseling

Together we'll uncover how your thoughts impact your feelings, behaviors, and how you're showing up in your life. 


We'll work on identifying your thoughts and feelings so you can start to understand how they are impacting your mental well-being.  We will also develop an action plan during each session for you to practice the skills that we've discussed during our session in your everyday life.   You will also clarify your core values so you can better align your life with what's most important to you. 

I offer therapy in San Jose, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the state of California  via online therapy. I support my clients every step of the way to help them develop new coping skills towards all of life’s most complex matters.  Through compassionate counseling, my clients will increase their self awareness and harness their strengths and values in order to effectively manage their struggles. 

therapy in Silicon Valley

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