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Relationship Issues

Feel empowered to break cycles and show up as your  authetic self

Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues in San Jose, CA and San Juan, PR.

You wish you could just turn your mind off

That sense of worry and self doubt shows up in you work, life, or social interactions.  You're constantly replaying in your mind interactions you've had with others, anticipating what might go wrong during your day, or double checking how your write your emails. 

Sometimes you can distract yourself and your anxiety might go away for a short period of time, but it always comes back.

Your mind just keeps ruminating and overthinking even the smallest decisions.  And dealing with the physical symptoms is just as difficult to cope with.  Your feelings of anxiety are getting in the way and causing relationship issues and your struggles seem to be growing.


It's exhausting, overwhelming, and draining

You’re tired of feeling:

  • not fully present or able to actually enjoy the positive aspects of your personal life.  

  • worried, lacking confidence, and low self esteem which have affected how you show up in your life

  • like your negative thoughts and the doom and gloom radio is the only soundtrack playing in your mind

If you're looking for anxiety therapy in San Jose, CA or San Juan, PR you're in the right place.



It's time. You're ready to prioritize your own emotional and mental well-being.

You're looking to find relief and healing while learning techniques to help you feel more grounded and present in your daily life. 


You'd like to slow your thoughts down so you can have the ability to respond rather than react when things get hard.  You want to show up as your authentic self and reconnect to what's most important to you,


However you've arrived here, we're so glad you're here and taking time to see if anxiety counseling in San Jose, CA  and San Juan, PR is right for your mental health and wellness.

How do I know if I have anxiety?

Anxiety can affect you in different ways.  Generalized anxiety symptoms can be: 


  • Irritability 

  • Constant worrying / fear

  • Ruminating over situations

  • Worrying about all the "what if's" / stress

  • Sweating

  • Panic attacks 

  • Difficulty sleeping / insomnia

  • Procrastinating

  • Mood disorders / depression

  • Feeling nervous in social situations / Social anxiety

  • Avoidance of certain situations 

  • Trouble concentrating​

  • Uneasy stomach

  • Overwhelming feelings / stress

  • May cause relationship problems

  • Elevated heart rate

  • Climate anxiety or eco-anxiety 



Uncover how your thoughts impact your feelings, behaviors, and how you're showing up in your life

We’ll start to identify what you’re experiencing so you can to start to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make. We'll use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you reframe your own thoughts.

Learn coping skills to manage challenging situations

In my therapy approach you’ll be learning tools to address your anxiety so you can be more present in your relationships.

Develop an action plan during each session for you to practice skills that we've discussed in your everyday life  

Our sessions will give you some take-aways that you can practice outside of our session so you can start to move towards a more values-driven life

Learn mindfulness techniques to process your feelings and thoughts

We’ll help you increase your self awareness and consider new perspectives

Anxiety counseling san jose

Regain a sense of peace

We'll take this journey together to help you regain a profound sense of calm so you can show up more fully in your life. You'll get the support you need to help you cope when you feel anxious.


Together in therapy we'll clarify your core values and integrate them into our work, so they can guide us in the right direction to a life that is meaningful to you. 


Coping with anxiety isn't easy, but we'll work together to help you reconnect to what's most important to you. We have extensive experience supporting clients with generalized anxiety disorder and severe anxiety through talk therapy and helping them build practical skills.


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Start to calm your mind

We  provide client centered care to adults who are ready to start therapy so they can find relief and reduce their negative thoughts. If you're ready to seek treatment and start individual therapy with our team of San Juan or San Jose anxiety therapists, we'll meet you with compassion and authenticity.

Research has proven that for most people psychotherapy is effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety disorders, social anxiety disorder, and depression so people feel more present and grounded in their lives. Together we'll develop a plan so you can live a satisfying life and feel more in control, balanced, and whole.   


We'll provide you the additional support you've been looking for to prioritize your mental health and wellness to feel more balanced and grounded.

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Take the first step to feel more grounded today

  • How does Therapy in Puerto Rico work?
    We offer both in-person and online therapy for adults and teens who are residents of Puerto Rico. All online therapy sessions are held virtually on the HIPAA compliant platform SimplePractice. For those clients interested in Walk and Talk therapy, we will have our initial session virtually and then we will schedule our follow up sessions and meet either at the Lagoon of Condado or at Escambron beach.
  • Do you provide therapy services in English?
    Yes! Both Kristin and Maegan provide services in English. Check our bio pages to learn more about each of us.
  • Do you offer in-person therapy?
    Yes! We also offer a limited number of Walk-and-Talk slots for clients who are interested in meeting in person but also want to embrace nature.
  • What is Walk and Talk therapy?
    Walk and Talk therapy is like traditional psychotherapy, but it's held outdoors while incorporating movement. We'll be embracing nature and walking while we're talking about your concerns. Walk and Talk therapy allows us to be able to incorporate a mind-body approach while processing your thoughts and feelings. There are many benefits of Walk and Talk therapy both for our physical and mental health. Walk and Talk sessions start from Escambron Beach in San Juan. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Walk and Talk therapy.
  • What are you fees for therapy in Puerto Rico?
    Kristin's session fee is $225 for a 50 minute individual session, $250 for couples therapy. Maegan's session fee is $150 for a 50 minute session. We are out of network providers and can provide you a superbill at the end of the month upon request. Please contact your insurance provider to inquire about your out-of-network mental health benefits. **Please note that superbills require a mental health diagnosis. Please read more about the benefits of private pay services on our general FAQ page.
  • How will I know if you're the right therapist in Puerto Rico for me?
    Let's talk about it! You can book your free phone consultation online so we can talk about what kind of support you're looking for and how we could work together.
  • If I'm off the island, can we still have our therapy sessions?"
    It depends. Each state has its own licensing board for therapist. If you' re going to be traveling off-island, please let us know so we can determine if we can continue to see you.
  • I'm ready to start therapy, what should I do next?
    Congratulations on making the decision to begin therapy! Next step is to book online or complete our contact form to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to make sure we're a good fit to work together. Looking forward to talking to you!

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